Radical drifts within Muslim communities are a risk and a problem that needs to be faced consciously.

Non-profit organizations and grassroots movements are powerful actors, but often lack the proper resources and expertise to produce more and quality counter- and alternative narratives.  Thus,  OPEN intends to raise awareness and empower credible voices and social mediators related to OPEN’s cultural framework on online communication and the major features of local Muslim communities and radical propaganda in the reference geographic frameworks.

OPEN offers free training opportunities in Rome, Nice, Berlin, Elche and Strasbourg. Training is going to be developed on the basis of the latest researches and studies produced within and outside the OPEN project. It will not be only about the main characteristics of the Islamic radicalization in Europe, but also about how non-profit organizations can become active in countering extremist propaganda with low budgets.


Hours of training: 8

Number of people: about 50 people in each workshop

Who can attend the workshop: Any member, volunteer or activist interested in the topic and willing to become online multipliers of the campaign (e.g. members of Muslim communities, members of youth organizations, members of grass-root movements, professionals in CSOs).

Training objectives: (a) rise awareness about the features of radical propaganda online; (b) increase knowledge and skills about concrete measures to counter propaganda in daily online life.

Theoretical input will be accompanied with practical exercises based on cases emerged during research activity. In other words, it is going to be a fruitful and entertainment experience.

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Small labs in schools and Youth Centres

Community practitioners emphasise the importance of working with children, in the pre-adolescent age or early adolescence in areas at risk of radicalization to lay the foundations of youth involvement in sensitive societal issues such as extremism. Close cooperation with schools/ youth centers will help make youth interventions more effective and will involve a larger part of the community in tackling radicalization online.

2 laboratories (3 hours each) will be implemented in schools and youth centers in Rome, Nice, Berlin, Strasbourg, and Elche.

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Street education and outreach events

Informal street events are entrusted organized in Rome, Nice, Berlin, Strasbourg, and Elche.

They will take place in public places (such as a street or a square where the target group usually meets informally) as well as private sites (e.g. supermarkets, religious centers).

In these events, partners will use informal teaching methods (e.g. games, roleplaying) to spread the voice and raise awareness about the problems behind radical drifts among European Muslim communities. Cultural mediators and operators will deliver useful information on the themes highlighted in the project and a reminder card with all the references to videos and social networks will be distributed.

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Training videos playlist