Coutries involved: Italy, France, German, Spain

OPEN partnership combines the strong capacity for action on the territory with a wide range of missions and qualifications all linked to a strong social commitment. People creating the project and implementing it belong to:

  • 3 non-profit organizations;
  • 2 Muslim organizations;
  • 1 institutional communication agency

Ares 2.0 is a company specialized in institutional communication devoted to disadvantage categories about very sensitive topics since 2010. It works in strong cooperation with non-profit organizations and institutional actors and policy makers. It gives to the project a higher technical and scientific profile due to its great experience and robust team of professionals committed to social-topics covered in National and international contexts.

EMU- European Muslim Union is an umbrella organisation made up of various entities representing Muslims. It includes cultural and religious organizations and associations throughout Europe. It is one of the Muslim foundations with stronger European identity. It works in the fight against racism and discrimination, intercultural dialogue, democratic participation. It is accredited at the Transparency Register of the European Parliament and produces periodical reports about Islam in different countries. EMU collaborates with intergovernmental organisations, eg the Council of Europe. It has a strong network deepened in the EU Muslim communities (at civil society and policy level).

Programma Integra is a social cooperative which promotes social inclusion for migrants, asylum seekers, refugees and foreign minors (especially from Africa). It achieves this mission through services to migrants, training courses; promotion of the wider community’s engagement in the challenges of integration, primarily through information and awareness-raising.

ACD La Hoya was born in 1982 with one main objective: support youth. We collaborate with the city council in different activities, foundations and other international, regional and national organizations, we cooperate with experts and people who support young people. Participation in our activities gives young people a better opportunity to achieve personal, positive and varied development. We are also seeking to increase the participation of young people in international events, in order to open them up to a multitude of lifestyles, cultures, points of view, and achieve an international spirit. We try to carry out projects and activities that follow objectives such as the fight against racism, xenophobia, promoting the values of peace, youth participation, respect, human rights and tolerance.


The Weimar Institut e.V. is a registered association serving the public good, with head office in Weimar/Thueringen and a center in Stralsund/Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. It is characterised, by the following priorities:

  • Revision and presentation of the relationship of Europe’s intellectual and cultural history to Islam
  • Cultural and social integration of  traditional Muslims with immigration background and refugees.
  • Educational services (religion and language) for Muslims and non-Muslims
  • Dialogue between Islam and other religions, promotion of dialogue between Muslims and representatives of the German majority society.
  • Support of cultural and social projects for Muslims and non-muslims.


CIU – “Center for Intercultural Understanding” was founded in 2015 in France. It is a not for profit, non-governmental organization that operates on local, national and international levels. Since May 2019, CIU has integrated the pan-European network ‘Coconutwork’. Our vision: We believe in youth, to foster the harmony in society and being supported to achieve their fullest potential as aware and global citizens. Our mission is to empower youth to grow personally, in their careers, and evolve their community. The overall aim of CIU to provide young people (18-30) with the opportunity to get actively engaged in their own personal growth and to development and to fulfil their potential.  We do this by supporting young people’s active involvement and participation.  We collaborate with youth and community organisations from europe and neighboring countries to contribute in providing quality training and learning opportunities for youth regardless if they are volunteers, youth leaders, activists. Our scope of work is in Nice, PACA in France, EU and Euro-Mediterranean since intercultural learning is one of the core values that CIU work is based on.