Small labs in schools and Youth Centres

Community practitioners emphasise the importance of working with children, in the pre-adolescent age or early adolescence in areas at risk of radicalization to lay the foundations of youth involvement in sensitive societal issues such as extremism. Close cooperation with schools/ youth centres will help make youth interventions more effective and will involve a larger part of the community in tackling radicalization online.

2 laboratories (3 hours each) will be implemented in each local area, in schools and youth centres. If you would like to make your school or the beneficiarires of your organization use this opportunity, click here.

Street education and outreach events

Informal street events are entrusted to each local CSO partner. They will take place in a public places (such as a street or a square where target group usually meet informally) as well as private sites (e.g. a supermarket, religious centres). In these events partners will use informal teaching methods (eg games, roleplaying) to spread the voice and raise awareness about the problems behind radical drifts among European Muslim communities. Cultural mediators and operators will deliver useful information on the themes highlighted in the project and a reminder card with all the references to videos and social network will be distributed.

To learn more about the outreach event, write to this email/whatsapp….