Diversity enriches the community.

The depth, social and cultural diversity of the Islamic message and community are a source of pride for Muslims. In this wealth, violence must not have space, because it damages individuals and blurs the integrity of its community.

Individual experiences, poor links with local community, low level of knowledge about Islam and religious politization generate social grievances.

The main victims of this phenomenon and its consequences are young people, especially second generations. They often experience identity problems because find it difficult to make their European origins and Islamic belief coop.

However, being a European Muslim is possible and is today one of the numerous ways to belong to one of the widest and most fascinating communities of the world.

Online activism, institutional engagement and the commitment of non-profit organizations can do a lot in this framework. We invite all Muslims to participate in the positive destiny for our community, sharing and spreading its good values and stories.

Our community seeks action and this action is to stay on the right side. Stay with us, to demonstrate to the world, but above all to ourselves, the positive values of the Muslim community and to condemn violence.

About the project

OPEN project aims to fight against the online radicalization process in the cities of Rome, Nice, Strasbourg, Berlin and Elche (and related regions), through an online communication campaign.

OPEN actions leverage the credibility of grass-root organizations and the know-how of an institutional communication agency.

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What can you do for your community?

OPEN power and effectiveness are based on the commitment of our community.

OPEN means plenty of opportunities to learn more about the values of our community but also about fun ways to express what you believe in.

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