OPEN power is based on the commitment of our community.

OPEN connects young Muslims in Europe to exchange ideas on different topics related to the implications of faith on their identity

Open Speaks

OPENspeaks is a series of interviews with volunteers who wanted to share their visions and daily life as a Muslim.

Open Minds events

OPENmind events are online events where volunteers address a topic related to their community and their country through interactive contents (videos, podcast, etc …). Each event is available on OPEN official social pages.

Radical drifts within Muslim communities are a risk and a problem that needs to be faced consciously.

OPENmind event aiming to describe the Islamic features of the Spanish culture and history. Volunteers shared a series of video on this topic and two of them also presented what being Muslim and Spanish at the same time means to them.

Link to the event on Facebook.

OPENmind event presenting the work done by L.M. Imany.

Imany is a talented illustrator living in France that has recently published her first book: “Musulmanes du monde”.

Link to the event on Facebook

OPENmind event with Yasin Guler.

He present the Islamic Culture and, more precisely, the Islamic Music. The event was also a chance to show his good performance in Sufi music.

Link to the event on Facebook.

OPENmind event about Ramadan.

One of the volunteers from the Spanish team answers questions and makes comments about some aspects of this crucial period of the year.

Link to the event on Facebook

OPENmind event about tezhip art, the Koran calligraphy. One of the volunteers from the French team shows how to use this wonderful and ancient art.

Link to the event on Instagram

Muhammad Umberto Pallavicini – Youth coordinator of COREIS Italian Muslim Youth helped us to better understand what it means to be a young Italian of Muslim faith, how to decline one’s religious identity in the European context, how to face and stem the phenomenon of radicalization.

Link to the event on Facebook


Since January 2021 OPEN created the #OPENcall “Voice of European Muslim Youth”. This call invites all young Muslims to have their say about some topical themes. Here just some of the Voices from Europe collected so far


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