OPEN power is based on the commitment of our community.

So, what can you do for your community?


    Learn more about the features of the local Muslim communities and local radicalization processes


    the free opportunities and resources offered by OPEN project. You can join the training programme and take part in the outreach events.


    Spread the voice about the research and training opportunities among other organizations and activists and become a social activist engaged in the communication campaign


    OPEN project to your school or your organization to increase awareness about the power of democratic solutions to violence and strengthen resilience against extremist violence and propaganda

Take a picture with the OPEN triangle and share!

An original solution to tell your friends what you believe in? Take a picture with the OPEN triangle!

Put your hands in a triangle shape, take a selfie showing your idea about the real European Muslims and share it using the following hashtag: #STAYwithus #BEyourself #BEopen

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