The Communication Campaign

OPEN intends to contribute to fighting violence and extremist attitudes among Muslim community through a communication campaign whose objectives are:

  • To improve the critical capacity of Muslim youth at risk of radicalization against Islamic extremist online propaganda, and to stimulate a cognitive opening between young radical Muslims
  • To increase awareness and skill of civil society organizations and grassroots movements linked to the Muslim youth network in using new media communication within the strategy to tackling Islamic extremist propaganda and actively participate in the OPEN plan
  • To sensitize the institutions on the main characteristics of youth radicalization and on the power of online activism with the prominent role assigned to CSOs

The strategic prerequisite for OPEN success is the ability to create trust and credibility towards the actors implementing the campaign and towards its contents. To achieve this crucial trustworthiness, the follow in points are important assets:

  1. The campaign is rooted on a set of information able to outline the social context in which the campaign will act. This will ensure the ideal conditions for a coherent and effective interaction with the target audience
  2. Communication action is going to be focused on five local areas: Rome, Nice, Strasbourg, Alicante and Berlin. This will enable the communication actors to act in a more targeted and sensitive way to local needs, sentiments and narratives.
  3. Production of the contents of the campaign and the animation of its channels is entrusted to members of the same community as the target group. One of the main objectives of this communication campaign is to involve and activate society organizations and grassroots movements linked to the Muslim youth network, as well as young influencers and testimonials belonging to the same community. Young members of the local Muslim communities will become protagonists not only as targets in the action of contrasting and preventing the phenomenon of radicalization, but also as a resource to conquer their peers in their community. Young Muslims of the reference areas

Download the communication plan (EN)