Diversity enriches the community.

The depth, social and cultural diversity of the Islamic message and community are a source of pride for Muslims. In this wealth, violence must not have space, because it damages individuals and blurs the integrity of its community.

OPEN aims to give voice to Muslim youth in Europe and change current polarizing narratives through social activism.

OPEN is a European project implemented by 6 partners from non-profit organisations, two of which are from the Muslim community. The partners are present in several European cities (Rome, Nice, Strasbourg, Berlin and Elche). They work in close collaboration with volunteers from Muslim youth communities, and they are all involved in the project on a daily basis.

OPEN is the idea of a project bringing together young Muslims to connect and exchange ideas on different topics related to the implications of faith on their identity. It is also about giving them the opportunity to develop their potential and to work closely with European non-profit organisations.

OPEN believes that this project is an opportunity to give a voice to European Muslim youth empowering them as positive actors of social change.

About the project

OPEN promotes and raises awareness about European identity and Muslim faith. OPEN work includes events, training programmes, videos and other contents made by and for young Muslims with the aim of deconstructing prejudices, sharing a positive image of Islam and fighting the risks of online radicalisation.


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Stay with us

OPEN is also a Facebook and Instagram page where our community of volunteers publish food for thoughts through videos and other visual material. Each month, you will also be able to read our newsletter in order to be informed of our activities and our future actions.


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